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Whitehorse Yukon: Women’s rights activists have issued a press release about the Day, calling for Improved access to abortion, contraception, and sexual and reproductive health services in rural and remote areas and Canada’s North.Yukon averages the highest abortion rate in the country at approximately 40% of the live birth rate and has done so for the last 8 years.

New Video: Abortion Worldwide

by the Guttmacher Institute, October 4, 2012

An estimated 40 million abortions will take place in the developing world this year. Most of these procedures will be clandestine and unsafe, taking a terrible toll on women’s lives. Every year, 47,000 women die from unsafe abortion and millions more are injured, some seriously and permanently. These deaths and injuries are almost entirely preventable.

To help ensure that the global debate about unsafe abortion and its consequences is informed by facts, the Guttmacher Institute has created a short video presenting key evidence on abortion worldwide.

Disponible en español
Disponible en français

How We Won Abortion Rights

From the beginning, the fight for abortion rights in Canada has been situated in the broader context of reproductive freedom for all, including safe and accessible contraceptive services, decent jobs, paid parental leave, childcare, the right to live freely and openly regardless of their sexuality, employment equity, an end to forced or coerced sterilization, and other rights.

Published in the Socialist Worker Canada, October 6, 2012
(Please click link to read entire article)

How we won abortion rights

By Carolyn Egan

A major victory was won when the Supreme Court of Canada overturned the federal abortion law in January of 1988. The campaign was situated in the broader context of reproductive freedom. Abortion rights were seen as one of a number of demands that the women’s movement was struggling for in the fight for reproductive rights for all.


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